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Meet Dr. Kelly Hong

Dr. Kelly is an experienced dentist with the artistic and technical expertise to deliver inspiring care!  Her passion for dentistry bloomed from a young age and has driven her to create outstanding results for her patients.

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Dr. Kelly continues to be successful figure in the dental field and we certainly enjoy her company. Read her story to see why.

Dr. Kelly Hong

Dr. Kelly Hong, DDS

Dr. Kelly Hong is the cornerstone of our success and her advanced training is proof of what she has brought to our team.  Throughout her career, Dr. Kelly has consistently defined herself as the ideal provider of high quality dental care.

Dr. Kelly’s interest in dentistry sprouted in her native country, South Korea, and bloomed after she moved to the United States.  Her passion began as a desire to spread the joy of a smile throughout her community.

This passion culminated into an educational pursuit when she decided to attend the Loma Linda University School of Dentistry. At Loma Linda, Dr. Kelly graduated with a DDS and experienced a level of academic success that was unmatched by her peers.

She eventually became a teacher herself at the school, where she is proud to guide aspiring dentists towards their dreams. In addition to her dental career, Dr. Kelly also holds a keen interest in the art world.

 She paints in her free time and appreciates the work of various artists.  Her educational talents and accomplishments outline her artistic approach to dentistry.

Through the rich blend of technically sound and artistically enhanced care she consistently delivers, her patients remain awestruck by their results. Dr. Kelly holds various memberships in the dental field, including the American Dental Association, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, California Dental Association, and the LA County Dental Society.

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