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Apple Valley Invisalign
$2,999 Invisalign Special*

If you are looking for a less conspicuous solution to teeth gaps and overcrowding, then Invisalign is the clear route to transforming your smile.  These are transparent aligners that can resolve your bite and shift your teeth into their natural positions.

Apple Valley Orthodontist Dr. Kelly Hong augments her advanced expertise with her personalized Invisalign treatments.  With our dedication, we can enhance your smile and help you restore your natural bite.

Through a series of custom-produced and removable aligners, your teeth are shifted into their correct positions over a period of time.  The defining feature of Invisalign aligners is their transparency.

The clear surface of the aligners allows you to reestablish the structure of your teeth without any evidence of them doing so. This means you can enjoy your daily activities without anyone noticing the work being performed on your smile!

We utilize advanced imaging technology to ensure your aligners are designed with your teeth in mind. This helps you receive an authentic and personalized Invisalign experience.

The Invisalign aligners are also removable, which means you can comfortably replace them weekly or continue your brushing activities without damaging them.  You can also view the progress of the treatment through routine visits to our office.

Thanks to the comfortable and personalized care that we specialize in, you can see outstanding results with few complications.  Schedule your complimentary appointment with us today to experience the wonderful benefits of Invisalign aligners!

*$2,999 special is subject to availability, and conditions apply.

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