Patient Reviews

“After my teeth became overcrowded, it was hard to chew on a simple sandwich. I found Dr. Kelly because of the many stories about how amazing she was.  After my treatment, I can’t say I disagree – she was phenomenal in the work she put in to fix my teeth.  When I need a doctor, I’m going with the best, Dr. Kelly!”

—Sandy J.

“Dr. Kelly was an angel for my teeth! I was surprised at how comfortable I was while she was treating me, but listening to her talk about her art interests was entertaining and pleasant.  After seeing my new smile, I found it hard to believe I had misshaped teeth at all.  Awesome work doctor!”

—Fred P.

“I was unsatisfied with how my smile looked and felt like.  With the bite problems I had, I didn’t want to stick with a diet of marshmallows forever, so I contacted Dr. Kelly.  That was one of the best decisions I have made.  I can eat again and most of all, feel great about my smile!  Dr. Kelly has earned my loyalty. “

—Jason A.